Hex Drive Adapter-408

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Tried some of our tools that fit into hex drives? Or just curious? Now you can convert your own tools using out Hex Drive Adapters.

Hex bases are 2″ long with a drilled hold 1/2″ deep.

Three hole sizes available:

#408a – .125 (1/8″) for shafts up to .185
#408b – .188 for shafts up to .215
#408c – .218 – shafts larger than .218 must be ground down to fit .218

Use the tools in your own hex drive handle or purchase our 2″ long, 1/4″ hex drive handle¬†here.

To solder your tool into a hex adapter:

  • Use soft silver solder.
  • Stand the hex units in a vise with the hole up.
  • Put flux in the hole and insert tool.
  • Heat the hex at the point where the bottom of the hole is to clean both hex hole and tool end.
  • Remove tool and place one or two lengths of solder in the hole.
  • Heat until the solder melts.
  • Insert tool and heat at the top of the hex hole to draw the solder up around the end of the tool and the neck or top of the hex. Spinning the tool will help in getting the solder to coat the entire tool-hex connection.

You may use epoxy instead.



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