Hammer Fitting Block-332

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The hammer fitting block is for final mating of hammer to leveled strings. The tool has four sides:

  • One 1/8 inch for removing felt from the left or right side of the hammer.
  • An 1/8 inch strip for felt removal of the center string. 
  • The third removes felt from either two string strike points.
  • The last is as wide as the hammer.

The sandpaper is a 120 grit and a final shining with 600 might be done to polish up the hammer. The tool is now made of plastic which allows the contact sand paper to adhere to the tool much better.


3 reviews for Hammer Fitting Block-332

  1. Rhys McKay

    This little tool can accomplish a great deal of the voicing process in an hour. We love it.

  2. Keith Akins

    It does what it’s made for easier than cutting strips of sandpaper.

  3. Scott Cole

    A great invention. I use it primarily for mating hammers to strings, not for general filing.

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