Goose Juice – 8 oz. Bottle-201

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New light lubricant for action center pins and string bearing points of metal to metal contact where rust is evident. (Rusty strings can be lubricated at the V-bar to prevent breaking.) It will significantly reduce friction.

It is a non-silicone product with very little odor.
When used with the oiler and tips, etc. (sold separately), it gives the ability to treat sluggish actions without disassmebling them and, in many uprights, even without removing them from the piano.

Oh yes! The Goose juice is also great for lubing the V bar or agraff and string rendering points as there is little creep of the oil when only a drop or two are used. Care must be taken to keep oil from running on to bass string windings mop up excess when used over bass string rendering points.


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