About Us

Joe Goss, RPT
B.S. Mus. Ed.
M. Mus. Ed.

Joe is the creator of
Mother Goose Music and has been a piano technician and musician for 50 years, with tuba as his main instrument.

Not to be confused with the beloved purveyor of children’s nursery rhymes, Mother Goose Tools is in its own right a purveyor of quality, well-tested tools for use by the serious piano technician.

Owner and creator, Joe Goss, is a Registered Piano Technician with the Piano Technicians Guild who has over thirty years experience. During that time he has designed and collected a very user-friendly selection of tools, which includes the new and improved brass string level (water gauge) whose size and accuracy have made it a tuner’s must have.

Necessity is the Mother of Invention

It is my motto that “the right tool saves time and time is money”.  I like a tool to have more than one purpose, thereby helping to lighten one’s load.  Mother Goose Tools welcomes present and future opportunities to develop ideas/improvements you may have for “tools of the trade”.

Joe Goss